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Ayane Tendo

Ayane Tendo
Ayane Tendo in fighting mode
{{Catlink|18|18 year olds}}?
blood type
personality type
Tomboy, Loudmouth, {{Catlink|Stupid}}
Martial arts, Extreme strength and speed
{{Catlink|Alive}}, Wounded
{{Appeared in Senpai}}, {{Appeared in OMEGA1}}
voiced by
{{Catlink|Kotone Akatsuki}}
eye color
{{Catlink|Brown|Brown eyes}}
hair color
{{Catlink|Brown|Brown hair}}
Lightly {{Catlink|tanned}}
Red bow schoolgirl uniform
Weighted armbands and leggings, Blue bow
Black sports bra
Ohara Masaaki, Manami Kinoshita (formerly)
A "demon" at home
{{Catlink|Tendo clan}}, {{Catlink|Ohara's group}}
Manami Kinoshita, Ayanokouji Saki
Ayanokouji Saki, Yoshitaka Saitou (sorta)
had sex with
{{f|Shinnosuke Nakata}}, {{f|Manami Kinoshita}} (sorta) (1.5 total)
sexual preference
Males, with slight {{Catlinks|Lesbian}} tendencies
in relationship with
in love with
Masaaki Ohara (possibly)
loved by
Senpai. She is a major character in OMEGA1, as the titular KungFu Girl.


Tendo is a loudmouth tomboy who is an expert in martial arts. She's the strongest student in school because she trains daily and wears weighted clothing. She's popular with nerds like Susuki and Kumada, because of her fighting ability and her enjoyment of fighting shows. She's gullible, has a short attention span, and isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer either. Tendo is a member of the Tendo clan, which is in a vassal relationship with the Ohara clan. She uses this as a reason to help Ohara Masaaki in his investigation, saying a 'demon at home' will scold her if she does not (parent or a sibling perhaps). Her motto is "Protect the weak and crush the strong". She is committed to destroying evil, which extends to berating people for mistreating food, smoking, not observing proper footwear etiquette, and having more liberal attitudes towards sex than she does. Like most finger-waggers she is also something of a hypocrite: she's loud and impolite, suggests stealing test results at one point, and she's hardly a saint in Senpai.

Relationships With Other Characters

She met Ohara Masaaki in junior high. She may have feelings for him, or simply be protective of him around other women. When Kasumi Onodera remarks she and Ohara look like a couple, she becomes excited by the idea. She seems jealous of Kayo Shinozaki, of whom she is mistrustful and contemptful. She was very good friends with Manami Kinoshita since junior high, but had a falling out with her over booking a room for her club, and they are now enemies. She dislikes Ayanokouji Saki intensely and fights with her a lot. According to Ohara "Maybe she just doesn't like Ayanokouji because she's cool... I often get between them to stop them from fighting, and I usually get hurt doing it. It's starting to become normal". One gets the impression that she's the type of girl who just doesn't get along with other women. She also hates Yoshitaka Saitou because he is always disciplining her for her fights with Ayanokouji. She would like to find evidence of a weakness she can use to get back at him with.

Who She's Been With

  • a male senior student in Senpai who might be Shinnosuke Nakata
  • Manami Kinoshita in Senpai (Ayane fondles her breasts briefly)


  • Senpai
  • Game of Lascivity OMEGA Volume 1: Vampire vs. KungFu Girl
  • Game of Lascivity OMEGA Volume 2''Dr. Sugimoto's Lecherous Treatment'' game; post-game trailer


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